Sep 15, 2015

That’s all for me

Effective July 2015, I am retiring from both recording and live performances.

To those who listened and to those who provided guidance, music, voice, a place to sleep, a bite to eat: you’ve taught me everything I know.

Thank you.

- Patrick

May 01, 2015

Summer Europe Tour Dates Announced


6/13 Barcelona | Miscelanea
6/18 | Paris | Le Motel*
6/19 | Paris | Black Derby
6/20 | Paris | Le Sans Souci*
7/2 | Madrid | Cuervo Store
7/4 | Madrid | Planet of the Watts

* with Daltonians

Apr 21, 2015

Feature in Dum Dum Magazine, FR

New York I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down

“Je suis arrivé à New York City il y a onze ans. Dans les flammes. J’étais en tournée avec un groupe d’Indianapolis, The Nods, quand notre van Ford Econoline de 1983, qui nous avait transporté à travers l’Ohio et aux quatre coins de la Pennsylvanie, pris feu juste à côté de Manheim. Il y avait de la fumée dans tout l’habitacle. Nous avons donc dû nous arrêter au bord de la route et sortir l’extincteur.


Jan 26, 2015

Interview with Up Key Notes


“Patrick Bower has a clever take on Pop, his music uses reflective and sophisticated imagery that doesn’t clash with the simplicity within the songs.” – UKN


We recently spoke with the Italian/English blog Up Key Notes. Check out the conversation here!



Oct 09, 2014

Chinese Water Torture on Radio France

Chinese Water torture has been getting some airplay on the Le Mouv’ show on Radio France. Thank to Nico Prat and the rest of the Le Mouv team! You can stream the show here. This is what Nico from Le Mouv’ had to say:

“Chinese Water Torture”, c’est le nom du nouveau single du new yorkais Patrick Bower. Le supplice de la goutte d’eau, en français. Une torture physique, soit tout ce que n’est pas la musique de Patrick Bower, musicien inspiré et inspirant, à la discographie foisonnante. Après une pause, il revient, plus que jamais bouleversant.
Older News



I Have Dreamed the End Patrick Bower

I Have Dreamed the End

ChineseWaterToture_B (1)

Chinese Water Torture


Pink Room


The World Without Magic


Will of the Man


The Dark Lord (of Love) EP


Patrick Bower & the World Without Magic


Beach Closed


Death Dream

The World Without Magic

One Day Soon, I Will Break You

Death Dream (Live at Sofar Barcelona)

Holy Ground (Mandolin)

See Ya When We See Ya

Tour Dates

May 12, 2015



Jun 13, 2015


Calle Guardia, 10, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

Jun 18, 2015
Le Motel
8 Passage Josset
Métro: Ledru Rollin
DJ Set: Nico Prat
Jun 19, 2015


Black Derby
11 rue de Charonne, Paris, France

Jun 20, 2015

PARIS – DJ set

Patrick Bower + Daltonians

Le Sans Souci
65 Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, 75009 Paris, France

Jul 02, 2015


Cuervo Store
Calle Velarde, 13, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Jul 04, 2015


Planeta De Los Wattios
C/ Sorgo 53, Madrid


Patrick Bower, European Tour 2015, Nighttime and Time Again

Patrick Bower

photo by Kimi Selfridge

photo by Kimi Selfridge


“Patrick Bower’s music will transport you to a completely intimate space where his deep voice involves all emotional shades of his soul. His new album Pink Room is an amalgamate of textures and nuances…” 

Tunica Magazine, 2014


Patrick Bower is a singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, NY. With a story telling style that ranges from painfully honest to honestly strange, he has modeled his career after eccentric forebears like Lou Reed, Harry Nilsson and Daniel Johnston.

He founded his first band, Even Homer Nods (later, The Nods), in his native Indiana in 1999. The Nods were influenced by 1960s psychedelic movie soundtracks, Harry Nilsson and the Elephant Six collective. They released 2 EPS and a full-length, touring regionally and opening for bands like My Morning Jacket and Yo La Tengo. Along the way, they worked extensively with Paul Mahern, producer for John Mellencamp and singer for seminal hardcore band The Zero Boys, eventually signing to his label Affirmation Records. In 2003, The Nods’ tour van caught on fire on a Pennsylvania highway en route to a New York show. The band, already internally strained, abandoned the van and dispersed. Patrick stored his gear at friend’s place in Philadelphia and hopped a train to Brooklyn where he couch-surfed while working on new music.

In Brooklyn, he would team with childhood friend Jon Wiley and drummer Chris Egan to form the rock trio Max Fox. Bassist Darren Will joined as the band transitioned into a more theatrical rock act, dubbed The World Without Magic. The band in this form released a single EP (self-titled), which they recorded at Marcata Studios in Harlem.

The World Without Magic toured the east coast and midwest, opening for The Honorary Title and, for a memorable benefit at The Knitting Factory, The Wrens. But by 2006, other ventures began to draw band members away from the project, and The World Without Magic faded away slowly over the next year.

Patrick proceeded on his own and began preparing his debut solo LP, Beach Closed, which was released in 2007. As live shows and recordings began to feature a greater variety of musicians, he once again dubbed the backing band and collaborators, in its various forms, The World Without Magic. In 2009, Patrick began to focus his efforts in Europe, releasing the self-titled, band-oriented LP, Patrick Bower & The World Without Magic. He followed this with “The Dark Lord (of love) EP and several singles before releasing “Pink Room” in 2012, named after his newly-founded development studio, The Pink Room.

In 2014, Patrick began to release a series of singles, culminating in a collection of singles, b-sides and other favorites from 2008-2014, Nighttime and Time Again. Available worldwide at all digital outlets.